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2.8 The Glazed Donut Release

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Released: Nov 19, 2010
Updated: Dec 20, 2010 by PandaWood
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Application v2.8 (Glazed Donut Release)
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Release Notes


  • MultiView - multiple Views can now be configured - each with it's own URL, Skin, ProjectNameRegEx and CategoryRegEx
    • A View is defined by these 4 configuration items. All other configuration items (PollFrequency, ShowCountdown etc) still apply in the same way ie to all Views.
    • Each View is shown and then switched (on a rotation cycle) at each poll interval (default 30 seconds)
    • If there is only 1 View, then Cradiator operates as it did without this feature
    • As with other config, Views can be modified while Cradiator is running - Cradiator will re-read the config and apply everything - with the caveat that when config is modified, the View rotation will be reset - (eg if View #3 of 4 was showing, and the config is modified, the View will restart at #1)

In configuration terms, the MultiView functionality changes the following (old) config...
      <add key="URL" value="http://teamcity/guestAuth/cradiator.html?projectId=1"/>
      <add key="Skin" value="StackPhoto"/>
      <add key="ProjectNameRegEx" value=".*"/>
      <add key="CategoryRegEx" value=".*"/>

To this new MultiView config:
      <view url="http://teamcity/guestAuth/cradiator.html?projectId=1"

To allow multiple views to be set like this:
      <view url="http://teamcity/guestAuth/cradiator.html?projectId=1"
       <!-- Note, multiple urls can still be specified - multiple URL's add more data to one view
       <view url="http://proj1/XmlStatusReport.aspx http://proj2/XmlStatusReport.aspx"

If you're updating Cradiator from an earlier release, we have written a Migration tool to update the config for you.
The installer will prompt you to migrate your config file (Cradiator.exe.config) if found.
The migration executable (Cradiator.MigrateConfig.ToMultiView.exe) is copied into the installation directory, in any case.
NB If editing the config manually, you also need to add a configuration section:
<section name="views" type="System.Configuration.IgnoreSectionHandler"/>

Removed Features

  • Took away auto appending of "xmlstatusreport.aspx" to a URL - really just hides potential problems, the full URL should always be specified


  • Connectivity and Input hardening - Cradiator went down while TeamCity was being restarted as it would send unrelated html which couldn't be parsed (and exception handling wasn't hard enough)

Known Issues

Sound notification only happens for a particular view if it's showing at the time it fails

Note, the source code for this release is hosted at GitHub

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