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Showing messages like breaker in ccnet 1.5

Oct 13, 2009 at 7:46 AM

You made a bug report on CCNet, that the breakers are no longer exposed,
which is indeed the case :-(
CCNet issue :

I found the cullprit about the breakers info : xmlstatus report only shows the LAST message, not all messages :-(
now the question arises :
the xml element currently exposed is CurrentMessage, which does it's job, displaying the last message of the list

so do we
° add an array of messages to the xml status report,
° change the 'CurrentMessage' element to display all messages

also i noticed that the messages only get cleared AFTER a succesfull build,
but looking at the messages now, I think it is better to clear it at the start of every build.
the breakers are persisted.

Making a new element <messages>
could contain all messages
 <message>Failed tasks : Nant</message>
 <message>Breakers : John, Wayne, Smith</message>
 <message>Billy is fixing the build</message>

ok it is not fully XML yet, but a good start
This would ensure that Cradiator is still ok
You could check for the existence of the <messages> element, to see if you are at a 1.5+ version or not

Oct 18, 2009 at 10:09 PM

bug is fixed, can you try out the latest build,
and let me know if it is ok or not?
If there is information you need, feel free to ask
I also made a blogpost about it :


Oct 19, 2009 at 11:41 AM

Great, thank you.